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Why you need a Korean Skincare Routine as a 30 Year Old

Why you need a Korean Skincare Routine as a 30 Year Old

It is said that 30 is the new 20 and given the rampant lifestyle change that this generation has witnessed, we would take this by word. But what does it mean for your skin and skincare? Skincare is usually associated with the glamour of 20s or the troubles of teenage years, but what of the healing that a 30 year old skin requires. Our current lifestyle, stress, eating habits, work culture leave little room for our skin to catch a break as we move to our 30s. While most people associate Korean skincare to 20s, it actually transcends age and can aid in healing 30 year old skin. Here are all the reasons why you must invest in Korean Skincare as a 30 year old in India. 

  • Biological Changes 

  • As we grow older, our body undergoes a series of hormonal changes that show an adverse effect on our skin. Women especially might develop cystic acne especially if they struggle with PCOS or other hormonal issues. Diabetes, thyroid and other such health concerns require medication which may leave the skin looking much older and even quicken its ageing in both men and women. 

    While Korean Skincare cannot undo the effects of biological changes in our body, it can definitely speed and aid the skin’s healing process. Korean skincare in your 30s is not about lathering products but about systematically targeting the problem areas of your skin and creating a routine which will supplement your skin’s natural healing process. The idea is that skincare especially skincare in a geography like India is chronic, which means that instead of overnight solutions you need to focus on building habits which will eventually act as a remedy. As our body battles changes on the inside, correct skincare on the outside can enable your skin to remedy much of the damage.  

    1. Ageing

    While Korean Skincare starts focusing on anti-ageing in 20s, that does not mean that ageing ceases to be a concern in 30s. Infact, it becomes all the more important to invest in a skincare regimen in your 30s even if you have not felt the need to have such a routine in your 20s as this is when signs of ageing become truly visible. As we grow older, the collagen which builds our tissue system and is an important element of our skin begins breaking. This breakage is a natural process triggered by age, hormones and exposure to sunlight. As our skin begins losing collagen, pigmentation, fine lines, and dullness begins appearing on our skin which grows to form wrinkles and saggy, older looking skin.

    Developing a Korean Skincare routine thus becomes a must for healthy skin. As mentioned earlier, Korean skincare follows the mantra of healing skin as opposed to covering flaws. Thus Korean Skincare products identify and address the concerns which an age group in general faces. Products designed for a 20 year old and completely different from those developed for 30 year olds as both skin ages have a different composition and require different solutions, for example collagen is an active compound in korean skincare products where the target audience is 30 plus as that is the exact substance that skin is actively losing at that age. Products for 20 year old skin on the other hand are packed with hydrating ingredients such as hyrulanic acid. The research which goes into developing Korean Skincare products is so extensive that as a routine they act almost like medication for skin. 

  • Dust, Pollution and the Indian Climate- worsen skin conditions

  • So far we have established why you must consider going the Korean way for your skincare in your 30s. Now let us talk of why you must absolutely try Korean Skincare in India. India is one of the few countries with extremely diverse climate cycles and patterns. Moreover, it is one of the worst hit countries when it comes to pollution. Combating dust, irritants, harsh sun and hard water is a daily ritual for Indian skin. This leads to faster ageing, poor skin health, persistent acne, allergies, irritation and even hyper-pigmentation and an occasional sunburn. Needless to say, skin in India goes through a lot.

    Having a skincare routine if you are a netizen of the country is essential and what better than a Korean Skincare routine which will work on strengthening your skin and improving its overall health. Korean Skincare is becoming more and more popular in India due to its long lasting effect on the overall health of the skin. Koreans have never viewed skincare as a task, but as a way to pamper themselves after a long day. Indian skin is exposed to so much all through the day that supplementing its regeneration every night with a skincare routine as holistic as Korean will allow it to actually heal.

  • Your Skin needs to Recoup

  • When our skin is young, it can sustain a variety of damage but that does not mean that it does not get weakened by it. Just like a machine depreciates over time, our skin starts showing the signs of continuous damage in our 30s. Thus, it becomes crucial to set a skincare routine in your 30s even if you have never had one in your 20s. 

    Korean Skincare works by undoing the damage that has been sustained to your skin. It supplements the natural repairing process and targets specific problem areas. You can think of it as something akin to a booster shot. Your skin has weakened by the time you hit your 30s due to a number of reasons and Korean Skincare brands take this into consideration while creating their products. 

  •  Unsupportive Lifestyle 

  • We live in a fast paced world where everything is a rat race. Unfortunately we often forget to consider what this lifestyle means for our skin and its health. Careless eating, stress, odd work hours, lack of exercise, lack of sleep and negligent lifestyle habits damage our body and mind, and the signs of this damage are borne by our skin.

    While no skincare routine can replace mindful eating, proper sleep schedule and a healthy work-life balance, it does not mean that the need for a routine gets negated. On the contrary it is even more important to have a proper skincare regimen given the unsupportive lifestyle we lead. Korean Skincare is revolutionary because it easily fits into our current lifestyle, targets the pain points generated through it and remedies them through consistent care. 

    Korean Skincare in India is still new but is catching on faster than ever. As a thirty year old in the country, your skin has definitely sustained a lot of damage. Moreover the journey that our skin takes when it hits thirty is of a different kind altogether. While ageing is natural and graceful, Korean Skincare advocates ageing with minimal skin damage and maximum skin health. Despite all the reasons mentioned, this is perhaps the strongest to opt for Korean Skincare- it focuses on your skin’s health.

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